jeudi 24 janvier 2008


August 2, 2008 Athens Terra Vibe Park

Alexander the Great, one of Maidens fans favourites songs. No doubt it would be someting special to see the Somewhere back in Time tour in Alexander's country.
It's also the occasion to spend your summer holidays in the sun, to visit ancient temples, and add an Iron Maiden show on the top of it!
Maiden Athens, here's how to get there!

Getting Around in Greece:

Athens is Greece’s main Airport and you will probably arrive there. If you arrive to another airport, there are frequent trains, buses and ferries from most islands and big cities.

Low cost airlines operating in Greece include

Central Wings
Easy Jet


If coming from the previous show in Wacken, on July 31st

You really should fly if you want to do both shows! Train will be very long, expensive, and you will have to cross a lot no-EU borders like Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, which can be time consuming.

Air Berlin is your best option, as they fly from Hamburg to Athens. You can buy a one way flight.
TUI Fly flies from Hamburg to Thessalonica and Corfu, from where you can catch a train or a bus to Athens.
You can also check Lufthansa, but they won’t sell you a one way flight, which means you’ll have to buy a return flight from Hamburg.

From other cities in Germany to Greece :

Air Berlin flies to Athens from several cities in Germany.
German Wings flies to Athens from Köln and Stuttgart.
Easy Jet flies from Berlin to Athens.
Lufthansa has flights from every German city. Look for the “top offers” or the “ready to fly” offers.

Condor flies to several cities and greek islands.
TUI Fly flies from Düsseldorf, Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Memmingen, Stuttgart and Munich to Korfu and Thessaloniki, from where you can take a train.

If you don’t want to check all these travel sites, you can use to Bravo Fly or Wegolo and compare prices and book there.

Check also Expedia, as sometimes they have exclusive offers.

From THE UK and Ireland to GREECE

XL Airlines flies from several cities in the UK and Ireland to several cities and islands in Greece.
Easy Jet flies from London to Athens.
Compare low cost airlines prices on WEGOLO.

Freedom Flights, Fresh Holidays, Avro Flights have charter flights to holiday destinations, including many airports un Greece.

From France to Greece : and Olympic have direct flights.
Easy Jet flies the Paris-Athens route.

To compare low cost prices for low cost carriers, try the Bravo Fly andWEGOLO, search engines.

Compare prices on one of these search engines :
Terminal A, GoVoyages, Nouvelles Frontieres,, and Opodo.

From Italy to GREECE:

ALITALIA, Italy’s national airline, has direct flights to Athens from several Italian cities.
Easy Jet flies from Milan to Athens, but the summer bookings are not open yet.

If you want to check all airlines prices in one click, go to Vola Gratis. You can check and book trough this site.
Check also Last Minute as they have good offers on flights.

From Belgium to Greece

Terminal A has the best deals, including low cost flights from Brussels Airlines.

If coming from the Netherlands to Greece

You can fly with KLM to Athens and with TRANSAVIA to Heraklion.

Use Wegolo Netherlands to compare all flights to Greece.

From the Spain to Greece

Vueling flies low cost from Barcelona and Madrid to Athens.
Compare prices from all airlines using BravoFly, Destinia and Wegolo .

You will find also good deals from low cost and regular airlines on Terminal A, Marsans and Expedia

If coming from Denmark to GREECE

Sterling has direct flights to Athens from Copenhagen.
Compare flight prices on Supersaver

If coming from Sweden to GREECE

Sterling has direct flights from Goteborg and Stockholm to Athens.
The following search engines can be useful :
Go To Gate

If coming from Norway to GREECE

Sterling and Norwegian fly from Oslo to Athens.

You have the following search engines to compare your prices :
Ebookers Norway
Go To Gate

If coming from Austria to GREECE

SKY EUROPE flies direct from Vienna to Athens.
Austrian Airlines has “Red Ticket” offers to Athens.
Air Berlin / Niki flies fromVienna to many islands and cities in Greece.

If coming from The Czech republic or Slovakia to GREECE

SKY EUROPE has direct flights to Athens from Prague and Bratislava.

If coming from Poland to GREECE

Central Wings flies from Krakow to Athens.


Going From Australia to GREECE

Emirates flies from Australia to Athens.
Expedia Australia and Zuji have good search engines.

Going From Hong Kong or China to GREECE

Emirates has flights via Dubai, or look for other airlines on Zuji.

Going From Singapore, Indonesia or Malaysia to GREECE

Singapore Airlines has direct flights to Athens, or check Zuji Singapore.

Going from Latin America to GREECE

The best search engine for American countries (including Brazil, The Caribbean and the US) is Despegar.

Going from The United States or Canada to GREECE

Try also these search engines
Travelocity US
Travelocity Canada
Economy travel
Air France USA
Air France Canada


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