jeudi 24 janvier 2008


June 29, Dessel, Graspop Metal Meeting Festival

Check for info on the festival.

Get tickets here

SN Brussels Airlines is Belgium's Low Cost Carrier. It flyes to most european countries.

Thalys is the high speed train connecting Belgium with its neighbours. Buy your Thalys tickets Here. The closest Thalys station is Antwerpen. From there, a local train will take you to Mol, where you can catch the shuttle bus to Graspop Festival.

If you consider buying a rail pass, visit Rail Europe, International Rail or Eurail

If coming from the previous show in Italy
Flying will be cheaper and faster than a train or a bus.
Brussels Airlines , Transavia , Meridiana and My Air fly to Brussels or Amsterdam.
Alternatively, take a flight to Paris (see the France travel guide and a Thalys train to Antwerpen

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