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July 1st, 2008 - PARIS - Palais Ominisport De Bercy Arena
Indoor show
July 2, 2008 - PARIS - Palais Ominisport De Bercy Arena
Indoor show

Paris has always been a special place for Iron Maiden to play. The first european show of Bruce and Adrian's come back took place here in Bercy. This will be for sure a special show, furthermore, it is, until now, the only indoors show announced for the european tour.
Don't miss the oportunity to see them playing live here. Find all the details on how to get to this show!

Find here or here your ticket for the show

You can also buy or sell your tickets in Viagogo for Paris and London.

If you need a hotel in Paris, try Accor Hotels, My Paris Hotel, Hotel Guide or Octopus

Getting Around in FRANCE:

Getting around in by train is easy in France, but it can be quite expensive. You'll find information in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish an Italian on the TGV website. This site enables you to buy your train tickets from anywhere in Europe.

If you consider buying a rail pass, visit Rail Europe, International Rail or Eurail

If coming from the previous show in Belgium the best way is coming by car or by train. Buy here your Thalys ticket from Antwerpen to Paris. You can also try the site Rail Europe and International Rail
There are no commercial flights anymore on the Paris/Brussels route.

Low cost airlines operating in FRANCE include:

Air Berlin
My Air
British Airways
Central Wings
Easy Jet


From the UK and Ireland to FRANCE :

- By ferry : From Dover to Calais with Sea Franceor with P & O Ferries

- By train : From Paris to London by Eustostar.
The train is the fastest way to get from London to Paris. Book your train tickets on the TGV website or with Last Minute

- By plane, with Air France or British Airways.

Compare low cost airlines prices on WEGOLO.

You can also use these search engines:
Open Jet


There are a lot of direct fast trains

between Germany and France. You can get to Paris without changing trains from Berlin, Köln, Düsseldorf, Essen, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Mannheim, Karlsruhe and some other cities. You can book all these trains on the TGV


There are a lot of low cost links from France to Germany. If you get the best prices, you can get to the Paris show from any big city in Germany.
TUI Fly flies to Paris from Hannover.
Air Berlin flies direct from Nüremberg, Munich and Düsseldorf, and has connecting flights from every city in Germany.
Easy Jet flies from Berlin and Hamburg.
German Wings flies from Köln and Stuttgart to Paris.

Don’t forget to check Air France , who has reduced a lot its fares!

To compare prices, try the Bravo Fly search engine

Check also Expedia search engine.

From Switzerland to FRANCE:

The easiest and fastest way is the TGV. There are direct trains to Paris from Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne, Basel, Neuchatel, Chur and other Swiss cities. Book your train TGV.
Easy Jet flies between Geneva and Paris. You can book their flights on their website or through Opodo

From Italy to FRANCE:

Vueling is your best choice when flying from Italy to Paris, as it’s the only low cost airline to link Bologna (the city where the Gods of Metal will be held) and Paris. They also fly from Milan, Rome and Venice.
There are also TGV between Bologna and Paris, sometimes or as little as 30€. Book this trains on the TGV website, they have a page in talian and english.
Don’t forget to check ALITALIA , Italy’s national airline. They also have direct flights from Bologna to Paris.
Meridiana flies from Milan to Paris.
Easy Jet has flights from Rome, Milan, Pisa, Napoli and Venice.
Ryanair flies from Treviso and Bergamo.

Compare prices on Vola Gratis, specially when flying from Rome or Milan.
Check also Last Minute as they have great offers on flights.

If coming from Austria to France

SKY EUROPE flies from Vienna to Paris.
Austrian Airlines has “Red Ticket” offers, very cheap, and flies directly to Paris.
Air Berlin also links Vienna and Paris.
There is also on direct train per day between Vienna, Salzburg and Paris. Check here

for availability and prices.

From The Netherlands to FRANCE:

Fast trains run between Amsterdam and Paris. Book your tickets here

If you prefer to fly, Vueling has direct flights from Amsterdam to Paris.
KLM has also low fares offers from Amsterdam to Paris.

If coming from Slovakia or the Czech Republic to France

SKY EUROPE has direct flights from Prague and Bratislava to Paris.

From Belgium to FRANCE:

Brussels is only 1:30 hours from Paris. Fast trains also run between Paris and Antwerpen, Liège, Gent, Namur, Brugge and other belgian cities. Book your tickets here


If coming from Croatia, Greece, Romania or Burlgaria

SKY EUROPE has connecting flights from Bucharest, Sofia, Split and Dubrovnik to Paris.
Easy Jet flies from Athens to Paris.
Blue Air flies from Bucharest to Beauvais.

If coming from Denmark to FRANCE
Sterling flies to Paris from Copenhagen and Billund

If coming from Norway to FRANCE

Sterling flies to Paris from Oslo.
Norwegian flies from Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim to Paris.

If coming from Poland to France

Central Wings flies from Lodz and Wroclaw to Paris
Norwegian flies from Warsaw to Paris.
Wizzair flies from Katowice to Beauvais.

If coming from Hungary to France

Wizzair flies from Budapest to Beauvais.
SKY EUROPE used to fly this route also, and it might restart for the summer schedule.


Going From Australia to FRANCE

Zuji will find you good deals.
Virgin Atlantic to London and then take Easy Jet to Paris.

Going From Hong Kong or China to FRANCE

Look for flights on Zuji or take Virgin Atlantic or Oasis to London and then take Easy Jet to Paris.

Going From Singapore, Indonesia or Malaysia to FRANCE

Check Zuji Singapore.
Singapore Airlines flies directly from Singapore to Paris.

Going from Latin America to FRANCE

The best search engine for American countries (including Brazil, The Caribbean and the US) is Despegar.
There are direct flights between Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela to FRANCE.

Going from The United States or Canada to FRANCE

Icelandair has often the cheapest fares from the US to Europe, including FRANCE.

Try these search engines
Economy travel
Air France USA
Air France Canada


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