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July 22, 2008 - Trondheim - Lerkendalstadium
Stadium outdoors show

July 24, 2008 - Oslo - Valle Hovin
Indoors show

Maiden, as in the rest of Scandinavia, is really big. In 2008 they are doing a huge tour of the Nordic countries, with 2 shows in Norway: One stadium show and one indoor show. As you might know, Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, but they have 2 low cost airlines (Norwegian and Wideroe), which are very useful to get there and around, as well as lots of youth hostels where you can sleep for cheap. Here’s how to get there!

Getting Around in NORWAY:

To travel in NORWAY you can either go by plane or by train.
The low cost carriers Norwegian and Wideroe are very useful to get around and have cheap fares.

Flying Norwegian between Oslo and Trondheim can be done for as low as 43€ per way.

For the train, you'll find information in English here NSB .
There are direct trains from Oslo to Trondheim and some special offers if you book in advance on the NSB site.
If you consider buying a rail pass, visit Click here Rail Europe or Eurail

Low cost airlines operating in NORWAY include:

German Wings


If coming from the previous show, on July 19 in Tampere, going by boat should be the best way to get there. There are no low cost airlines covering the route from Tampere or Helsinki to Trondheim or Oslo.
One option id to take the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn (Estonia), which is just one hour away, and from Tallin fly Norwegian to Trondheim or Oslo.
Another option is to fly Ryanair from Tampere to Frankfurt or Riga, and then fly Norwegian to Trondheim or Oslo.
Also, although this involves visa matters, you can take the train from Tampere to St Petersburg, and then fly Norwegian to Trondheim or Oslo.

From the UK and Ireland to NORWAY :

Sterling flies to Oslo from London and East Midlands.
Norwegian flies to Trondheim and Oslo from London Stansted, London Gatwick and Edinburgh.
Wideroe flies to Norway from Newcastle, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.
Ryanair flies to Torp from London Stansted, Liverpool, Prestwick and Dublin.

Compare low cost airlines prices on WEGOLO.

You can also use these search engines:

From Denmark to NORWAY

Sterling , Norwegian and Wideroe
All fly from Copenhagen to Norway.

From Germany to NORWAY

Norwegian flies to Oslo from Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf and Hamburg
German Wings flies from Köln to Oslo.

To compare prices, try the Bravo Fly search engine

Check also Expedia search engine.

From France, Belgium and Switzerland to NORWAY:

Sterling flies to Oslo from Paris, Bruxelles, Biarritz and Nice.
Norwegian flies to Oslo and Trondheim from Paris, Geneva, Nice and Zurich.

To compare low cost prices for low cost carriers, try the Bravo Fly andWEGOLO, search engines.

Check also the following sites, which have good flight search engines:
Terminal A, Nouvelles Frontieres and

From Italy to NORWAY:

Sterling flies to Oslo from Firenze and Rome.
Norwegian flies to Oslo from Pisa, Rome and Venezia.
Use Vola Gratis to find the best deals.
Last Minute is also worth checking.

ALITALIA has some really cheap offers to Oslo.

From Spain to NORWAY :

Sterling flies to Oslo from Barcelona, Malaga, Alicante, Palma and the Canary Islands.
Spanair Hill take you from several cities in Spain to Oslo.
Norwegian flies to Oslo from Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Sevilla, Tenerife, Mallorca and Ibiza.

To compare prices, use BravoFly and Wegolo

Try also Terminal A
Viajes Iberia
E Dreams

If coming from Austria to Norway

Sterling and Norwegian both have direct flights to Oslo from Salzburg.
Austrian Airlines has “Red Ticket” offers, very cheap.

If coming from Croatia, Greece, Serbia or Burlgaria

Norwegian flies to Trondheim from Split and Dubroknik in Croatia.
Norwegian also flies to Oslo, from Athens, Crete-Heraklion, and Kos in Greece.
Varna and Burgas in Bulgaria.
Split, Dubrovnik, Pula and Rijeka in Croatia
Belgrade in Serbia
Sterling has direct flights to Oslo from Athens, Crete and Burgas.

If coming from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia or the Czech Republic

Norwegian has direct flights to Oslo from Budapest, Warsaw, Szczeecin, Gdnask, Krakow and Prague.
Norwegian also flies direct to Trondheim from Prague.


Going From Australia to NORWAY

Zuji will find you good deals.
You can also fly Virgin Atlantic to London and then take Sterling or Norwegian to Oslo.

Going From Hong Kong or China to NORWAY

Look for flights on Zuji or take Virgin Atlantic or Oasis to London and then take Sterling or Norwegian to Oslo.

Going From Singapore, Indonesia or Malaysia to NORWAY

Check Zuji Singapore.
Singapore Airlines has direct flights to Copenhagen, Stockholm, London and Germany, from where you can take Sterling or Norwegian to Oslo.

Going from Latin America to NORWAY

The best search engine for American countries (including Brazil, The Caribbean and the US) is Despegar.
There are no direct flights between South America and NORWAY.

Going from The United States or Canada to NORWAY

Icelandair has often the cheapest fares from the US to Europe, including NORWAY.

Try these search engines
Economy travel
Air France USA
Air France Canada


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