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February 28, 2008 - Bogota - Simon Bolivar Park
outdoors show

Iron Maiden will play for the very first time in Colombia on February 28 2008! After having created a website and making an on line petition, you can imagine how happy are the fans there!
Travel to Colombia if you want to see the band in front of an outstanding audience! Here’s how:

Get your ticket online here
If you come from the previous show, in Costa Rica, on February 26 :

The only airline that links San Jose to Bogota on direct flights is Lacsa, a subidiary of TACA, which codeshares with Avianca.
You can book these flights on TACA's website.
Despegar is the biggest and most reliable latinamerican online travel agency. On their site you can compare the fares of connecting flights and book them online (mostly via Panama or Lima in Peru).
It would take more than a week to go from San José to Bogota without flying... You'll have to take several buses and if you wan't to do both shows, leave that adventure of later...

If you also see the show in Costa Rica, or travel from other Latin American countries:

TACA will fly you to Bogotá directly from Costa Rica, Peru and Uruguay.

Despegar is the online agency you should try if travelling from other Latin American countries.

If coming from the USA to Colombia, try the following online agencies or low cost carriers:

American Airlines, Delta and Continental serve Bogota from the USA.

If Coming from Europe to Colombia here are the best deals :

From the UK to Colombia

Try Thomas Cook’s search engine,
Open Jet
and FLIGHT, for flights to Bogota

From Germany to Colombia

Expedia andBravo Fly are 2 of themain online german agencies.
Air France is probably the airline with the lowest fares between germany and Colombia.

From France to Colombia

Terminal A, Nouvelles Frontieres, and Vivacances are the main french online agencies.
Air France flies directly between France a Bogota.

From Italy to Colombia

Vola Gratis andLast Minute are 2 very reliable agencies.

From Spain to Colombia

The following search engines compare the different airlines flying from Spain to Colombia. These include Avianca, Iberia and Air Comet :
Terminal A
Viajes Iberia
E Dreams

Here it is! Go to Colombia to see Iron Maiden! Certainly it will be one of the highlights of the tour!

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