mardi 6 novembre 2007


It's been more 15 years since IRON MAIDEN played in Australia for the last time... It was in october 1992, on the Fear Of The Dark Tour. This time they are playing 6 dates in the country, something Asutralian, New Zealanders and other fans coming from far don't want to miss...

But yes, Australia is far and one of the most expensive places to get in the world... Nevertheless, there are some low cost airlines going there, and you'll find that it's possible to get there.

If going from Europe to Australia you have the following options :


- Travel to London
Compare prices from your city to London using WEGOLO price comparer or with Easy Jet or Ryanair.
You can also go by boat from Calais to Dover with
Sea France

- From London you can get to Hong Kong with the low cost international carrier Oasis Airlines for about 300 to 400 € return. Take the 1-hour ferry to Macau.
Then you have 3 options :
The Macau low cost carrier Viva Macau will take you to Sidney
or fly Tiger Airways to Perth via Singapore. This second option is longer but might prove cheaper.
or fly Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and then Air Asia X from KL to Gold Coast in Australia.


Travel directly to Australia.
Using for example Open Jet from the UK
or Expedia from Spain

Note that Low cost carriers will allow you to buy one way tickets, so you can go to Australia via Hong Kong and return via Singapore.

If you have been to the show in India :
Tiger Airways will fly you from Kochi or Chennai (Madras) to Perth via Singapore.

If going from New Zealand to Australia, try Zuji search engine, or the following Low Cost Carriers :

Jet Star Airlines
Freedom Air
Virgin Blue

Once in Australia
Get your flights on Zuji
Or fly the following Low Cost Carriers to get to the next show :

Jet Star Airlines
Tiger Airways Australia
Virgin Blue

or take a bus pass from Greyhound Australia, the biggest bus company.

Here it is! Maiden Australia... It's far from anywhere, but it's possible!


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